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Biometric passport

1. Would you like to apply for a German passport for the first time?

We are not responsible for issuing passports for the first time. You can only apply for your first passport at the German Embassy in Tel Aviv (


2. Your German passport has expired and you need a successor passport?

We will issue you with a follow-up passport. However, it is essential that your predecessor passport has been issued by the German Embassy in Tel Aviv.

The validity period of the passport is 6 years for German citizens younger than 24 years, otherwise 10 years.

Your predecessor passport must not have expired for more than 5 years. In this special case, you can only submit your application at the German Embassy in Tel Aviv.

The electronic passport will be sent directly to you by registered mail approximately 2 - 3 months after your application has been submitted.


We are not responsible for issuing children's passports (up to the age of 12) and express passports. Applications must be submitted to the German Embassy in Tel Aviv.


Provisional passport

A temporary passport can only be issued in special individual cases, i.e. if the passport applicant needs a passport immediately after loss, theft or other loss (proof of a report to the police required) of his passport for example and the issuance of a regular passport can no longer take place at the required time.  Please note that the temporary passport is only valid for entry into and exit from the Federal Republic of Germany as a country of return. An entry into the USA, or every other country, is not possible with this passport.


The temporary passport is valid for a maximum of 1 year.



The issue of a successor passport is subject to a fee.


65 Euro for biometric passports for persons under 24 years.

85 Euro for biometric passports for persons aged 24 and over.

25 Euro for our fees.

The passport fee is fixed in Euro. The embassy accepts the equivalent in cash in ILS or in Euro. If the biometric passport is to be sent by post, a shipping fee of 15 ILS will be charged.

The costs for an express passport are 32 euros in addition to the respective fees for the normal biometric passport.


General requirements

Each application for a passport must be made in person at the Honorary Consulate General. Minors, i.e. passport applicants up to the age of 18, must be accompanied by all parents with custody.


Please bring the following documents with you to the appointment:


  1. Your printed and fully completed application form for children or adults 

  2. Your current or expired German passport

  3. Your Israeli identity card; in the case of minors, you must bring your parents identity card and the corresponding family appendix certificate

  4. Biometric passport photos

  5. Your German citizenship certificate or your naturalization certificate

  6. Your birth and marriage certificate. If you were born in Israel, you will be asked to provide an original international birth certificate (bilingual English/Hebrew). Such a birth certificate will be sent to you issued by the Israelian Home Office

  7. Your discharge papers of the IDF at the end of military service after 01.01.2000, or the exemption certificate if no military service was performed.


A copy of all German, English and Hebrew documents must be submitted. Documents in other languages must be accompanied by a German, English or Hebrew translation by a notary or by Ms. Rotem Pappe as General Honorary Consul of Germany in Haifa.

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