Adv. Michael Pappe

Advocate and Notary Michael Pappe has studied law at the University of Jerusalem and has been admitted to the Israeli bar in 1980.

In addition he has studied Economics and International Relations at the University of Jerusalem.

He has been admitted as an Israeli Notary public in 1997. Since 1984 he is head of the Pappe Law firm.

In 1989, the Federal Republic of Germany appointed Mr. Pappe Honorary Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany

Michael Pappe is appointed Honorary Consul of Switzerland since 2013.

In addition Mr. Pappe is a Member of the League of International Lawyers “Cicero” and Member of "AICC" (Austrian Israeli Chamber of Commerce).


He is specialized in international private law and commercial law. Among other things, he prepares legal opinions on German law for Israeli courts.


Mr. Pappe has a close network of Israeli and European diplomats, lawyers and companies. As a member of "Cicero" he is in very close contact with lawyers from all over the world.


His mother tongue is Hebrew and German. He also speaks full control English.


Mr. Pappe holds the following public offices, among others:

   - Member of the Board of the Haifa Arts Foundation

   - Member of the Board of Governors of Ben Gurion University in Negev

   - Member of the Management Committee of the Bucerius Institute of the University of Haifa

   - Member of the Board of Directors of AICC (Austrian-Israeli Chamber of Commerce)

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