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Austrian Citizenship

Citizenship of the victims of the Nazi regime and their direct descendants: Austria enacted an amendment to the Austrian Citizenship Act (StbG) which came into force in September 2020 regarding victims of Nazi persecution in Austria and their descendants. Subject to amendment, the following people are eligible for citizenship:

Citizens of Austria as its present borders, or citizens of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, or stateless persons whose principal place of residence was in the Federal Territory of the Republic of Austria (after the fall of the Kingdom), who left abroad before 15 May 1955 due to persecution or fear of persecution By bodies of the Nazi Party, or by authorities of the Third Reich, or due to persecution or fear of persecution due to their support for the Democratic Republic of Austria. That is, the decisive date is: January 1933 to May 15, 1955 Descendants of these people directly related to them (including children adopted as minors). 

Our office offers its clients guidance, and accompaniment of the procedure, from the stage of assessing the chances of the application to its actual submission and translation of the required documents. (It is important to note that the procedure can be performed without the involvement of a law firm. For more information, please contact our office staff

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