Cicero Haifa Seminar 2012



Pappe Law Firm hosts the International Cicero Seminar in Haifa
( November 2012)



Pappe Law Office, an International Law firm specifies in international law and Commercial Law, had the privilege to host the international Cicero seminar in Haifa on November 2012.


CICERO™ is an established network of international independent law firms which provides links to high quality niche law firms principally in the corporate/commercial/property sectors. Unlike many international networks CICEROTMadmits into membership only one firm in any one country allowing close professional relationships to be created for the benefit of members and clients. Each member firm maintains autonomy over the services it provides to clients recommended to it by other member firms.


CICERO™ lawyer networks meets twice a year for a weekend seminar about international current law issues. Each seminar is held by different partner. As the only Israeli member, Pappe Law Firm had the honor to host over 40 CiceroTM network members in Haifa, Israel.


The CICERO™ Seminar started on November 15th on top of the roof of the Pappe Law Firm building with an evening buffet served to the members who enjoyed a wonderful food, an Israeli wines and the amazing view of the Haifa bay area.


Friday, Novemver 16th was planned with fruitful professional sessions regarding various international current law issues. The day was concluded with a Gala Dinner at the Crusaders halls in Acre. The main lecture at the Gala dinner was held by Mr. Christian Lassnig, head of the Austrian Commerce Delegation in Israel. He had spoken about the Israeli society & economy. Mr. Peter Munday, CICERO™ president and Adv. Michael Pappe had welcomed the guests as well.


Saturday & Sunday, the guests had visited Jerusalem old city, the Galilee and the Golan Heights.


CiceroTM international lawyers convention hosted 40 lawyers and spouses from England, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Croatia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, India, South-Africa, and many more.


Photos from the CICERO™ convention in Haifa

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