Adv. Till Bötz


Advocate Till Bötz was born in Leipzig, Germany, studied law and theology at the University of Leipzig, and became licensed as an attorney in 2007.  Prior to commencing legal practice in 2009, he served on various company management boards as in-house counsel, senior manager, business manager and property manager.


Avd. Bötz moved to Israel in 2009, commuting to Germany to manage a law firm in Frankfurt. He began working at our firm in January of 2011. He specializes in commercial law and handles all matters of the firm which relate to legal issues in  Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  He assists our European clients by explaining matters of Israeli law to them through the eyes of a German attorney, and assists Israeli clients with their European matters, such as establishing a legal entity, strategic and business advice, etc., all with emphasis on issues pertaining to private international law. 


Adv. Bötz is a member of the German Bar Association, the German-Israeli Lawyer's Association and the Association of Binational Family Affairs (Verband Binationaler Familien und Partnerschaften). Languages: German and English.



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